The field where we store our equipment and shoot is easily accessible, however the directions are a little complex. Some photos are shown below to help you identify locations. Because street addresses aren’t much use, we use this site which is free and good for non-street locations.  The main entrance from the street is on Tentelow Lane, Norwood Green, Southall, UB2 4LW, opposite Poplar Avenue.

This is the Google Maps link  and the entrance is marked Osterley Cricket Club.


Cars may only be parked in the small car park immediately inside this entrance. To be clear, you cannot park in the cricket club car park (you may be clamped) and you cannot drive onto the field – it is approximately a 200m walk from the car park

The field

This is at the far end of the cricket pitches

Our official access is via  The Osterley de Lacey Day Nursery (the black painted fence and car park you see). This requires the unlocking of two sets of gates (Members have keys)

If the cricket club gates are open you can WALK straight up their car park to the very end and turn left past the concrete blocks. Under no circumstances drive or cycle and if challenged by a member of the cricket club please be polite. Use of this route is entirely at their discretion.

Other entrances

There is a public right of way from the small car park.  This starts here  and essentially goes round the outside of both cricket pitches. It is approximately 600m

The field can also be accessed via a small opening in the private road behind Wolsey Close .  There is very little car parking in this area.


The field is owned by: Osterley Sport And Well-Being Centre, Tentelow Lane, Norwood Green, Southall, UB2 4LW

Some photos

Public car park. Only park here and not in cricket club

Official entrance. Only Members have keys
The entrance to our field is at the far end of the cricket club car park. You MUST NOT park in the cricket club. You may be clamped if you do .
If these gates are open, you may WALK through here. Do not drive or cycle







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